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Pre pandemic all adoptions took place at the PetSmart Fallon Gateway in Dublin. Until it is deemed safe we are only doing adoptions at the facility in Lemoore California (near Fresno) 

**Applications will BE DELETED without all the supporting documents.

How To Submit Your Application:

  1. Download the PDF application form at the bottom of this page

  2. Open the PDF document using the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded from Acrobat Reader. Choose "Fill and Sign" from the menu or the right-hand side. Complete as much of the form as possible. *important* remember to include all your contact information. A digital signature is good enough for the initial application, no need to print and sign.

    • You can alternatively print the form and fill it out with a pen, and then scan the document, or take a picture with your phone, ​and upload the scanned document. Please make sure it is legible before sending it

  3. Upload application and all supporting documents and photos here: Submit Application

    • You can alternatively share the required images/ rental agreements via microsoft OneDrive, google drive, dropbox or apple iCLOUD. This enables you to retain control the the images, and you can unshare/delete them after you have been approved. If you do this, place the images in a seperate folder and share the folder with, then add the link to your shared images in the indicated field at the top of your application.

We receive hundreds of email inquiries daily, Due to the high volume we are unable to respond to every inquiry.  


Given the current shelter in place in CA we will not be holding any adoption events in the near future.  We will arrange appointments only for approved adopters to visit our facility in Lemoore.


We also suggest you bring cash for the adoption fee as internet coverage at the facility is spotty. Payment methods are cash or Zelle. 


Note that we are practicing social distancing at the facility, and attempting to isolate as much as possible. If you are cleared for a visit, please remember to wear gloves and a mask and keep your distance. Thanks for your consideration.


Everyone, please stay safe at this time, and we will see you again once we are over this and back to normal operations.


Below is an email that is sent to everyone who inquires about adopting. 



Please take the time to read through our adoption process and procedures thoroughly. 


We enter information about each puppy/dog on Petfinder in their BIO's. Please read through it before asking questions which we have already answered.


The majority of our dogs are in our facility and not in foster homes. We DO NOT kid, cat or temperament test our dogs/puppies with other animals. If we feel a particular dog would not be suited in a home with kids, cats, other dogs, or other animals, it will be stipulated in the dogs Bio on PetFinder.

1. Your application will be processed once we have your required documentation and images.

> Side gates and the locks on the gates.

> Rental agreement If you are renting either a house/condo/apartment.

> If you live in an apartment or condo we would like to see images of any balconies/patios

> Spring on the gate for self-closing.

> All 4 sides of your yard. We need to see the fence making sure it is secure.

> Images from inside the home/apartment/condo anywhere the dog will have access


2. If you have children under 16 we will not pre-approve your application. You MUST all attend the adoption for us to process your application.

3. If you're applying for a large breed or working breed dog you must have adult experience that or a similar breed. Additionally, for certain breeds, we require breed relevant experience as a prerequisite for approval. 

4. Regardless of your age, if you live at home with your parents they must be present at the adoption event to provide verbal approval. 

5. You need to be over 21 to adopt.

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